Recipes & Crafting
Grid Crafting Table.png Crafting Table
Grid Glass Pane.png

Grid Beealyzer.png

Grid Glass Pane.png

Grid Enhanced Circuit Board.png

Grid Reinforced Casing.png

Grid Enhanced Circuit Board.png

Grid DNA Dye.png

Grid Bronze Gear.png

Grid DNA Dye.png

Grid Analyser.png

Power Usage
  • 30 RF/t
  • 7.5 EU/t
Power Storage
  • 5000 RF
  • 1250 EU

The Analyser is a machine that acts in an identical way to the Forestry Analyzer, in that it reveals the genome of bees, trees, butterflies and flowers. It can also be used to reveal the gene present on the DNA Sequence. Unlike the Analyzer, the Analyser uses power (RF or EU) and DNA Dye to stain chromosomes and determine the genome directly. The analyser takes 15 seconds to analyse a single individual.

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