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The Isolator is a machine that allows the creation of DNA Sequences using Ethanol and Enzyme together with a subject specimen and Blank Sequence.

the Isolator will when functioning take a specimen from its internal 3 slot inventory (to the left of the GUI) and move it to the processing slot where it will begin to isolate a random gene from that subject onto a Blank Sequence which will be ejected into the six slot inventory on the right of the GUI.

The Isolator has an internal tank of 1000mB for Ethanol, can hold 65 Enzyme (one in tank and 64 item) and up to 64 Blank Sequences. It also has space for three specimens in addition to the current one in the processing slot these will be taken from the top down when the processing slot is empty.

A specimen in the Isolator has a chance to be consumed with each operation, do not put anything that you are not willing to risk losing into this machine

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