Electrical Stimulator

Electrical Stimulator
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The Electrical Stimulator accepts a circuit board, and allows various modifications to be applied to an alveary using power and circuit boards instead of the more traditional hive frames, which need to be replaced when damaged.

Circuits are made using a Soldering Iron with the Electrical Stimulator layout selected. The possible circuits are:

Circuit Name Circuit Effect Circuit Item
LV Stimulus
  • Production: 150% (Max 500%)
Grid Iron Electron Tube.png Iron Electron Tube
HV Stimulus
  • Production: 250% (Max 1000%)
Grid Diamantine Electron Tube.png Diamantine Electron Tube
Biotic Stimulus
  • Pollination: 150% (Max 500%)
Grid Apatine Electron Tube.png Apatine Electron Tube
Charged Stimulus
  • Lifespan: 80% (Min 20%)
Grid Obsidian Electron Tube.png Obsidian Electron Tube
Gentle Stimulus
  • Lifespan: 150% (Max 500%)
Grid Lapis Electron Tube.png Lapis Electron Tube
Molten Stimulus
  • Simulates the Nether
Grid Blazing Electron Tube.png Blazing Electron Tube
Mutagenic Stimulus
  • Mutation: 150% (Max 500%)
Grid Golden Electron Tube.png Golden Electron Tube
Inhibiting Stimulus
  • Territory: 40% (Min 10%)
  • Production: 90% (Min 50%)
Grid Tin Electron Tube.png Tin Electron Tube
Agitating Stimulus
  • Territory: 150% (Min 500%)
Grid Bronze Electron Tube.png Bronze Electron Tube

Multiple of the same type of tube when applied to a circuit board will stack multiplicatively with itself with a hard cutoff existing as the Min or Max value. For example, on a board with 3 iron tubes the production would be multiplied (1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 resulting in a production multiplier of 3.375). This also results in some tube combinations getting heavily affected by the cutoff value. For example one should never use more than 3 diamond tubes on one circuit board (2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 = production multiplier of 15.625) as it will be hard capped to 10x production and the 4th diamond tube would go completely wasted.

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