Extra Bees

Recipes & Crafting
Grid Crafting Table.png Crafting Table
Grid Gold Ingot.png

Grid Gold Ingot.png

Grid Alveary.png

Grid Diamantine Electron Tube.png

Grid Diamantine Electron Tube.png

Grid Mutator.png

The Mutator uses various items to increase the mutation chances of new species being formed when a queen dies. Possible items that can be used to increase the mutation chance are:

  • Grid Soul Sand.png Soul Sand - 50% increase
  • Grid Ender Pearl.png Ender Pearl - 100% increase
  • Grid Eye of Ender.png Eye of Ender - 300% increase

This is an alveary block and can be placed as any one of the blocks in an alveary. The maximum chance that can be obtained with the installed mutators in apiary is 15%. Made for balance.

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