Genetics is the section of Binnie's Mods that deal with genetic manipulation of living things using machines. The traditional way of breeding traits is via Selective Breeding, where living things are bred together naturally, and those showing preferred traits are chosen to continue breeding. Genetic engineering allows this to be bypassed by directly transferring genes between organisms.

There are two main processes involved in Genetics:

  • Isolation and Sequencing of genes. This discovers the exact DNA sequence of a gene, and allows it to be replicated
  • Synthesis and Inoculation of other organisms with the discovered gene.

Remember holding tab over GUI controls such as slots and tanks provides information on their function.


One of the first machines required to carry out genetic engineering is the Incubator. This is a crafting machine that heats items and liquids to a temperature that encourages bacterial growth. Recipes that the incubator can use can be found here.

The first step of incubation is the creation of Liquid Growth Medium, which is made from incubating Water and Growth Medium. This is subsequently incubated with Wheat to give Bacteria. This solution of bacteria can then be incubated a third time with Sugar to give Enzyme. This is an important compound used in other machines.

The best way to create enzyme is therefore to chain three incubators together, for each step of the process.


Another important resource is Raw DNA. This can be obtained from any breedable organism such as bees, trees or flowers, and is created in the Genepool. The Genepool requires both Ethanol and Enzyme to digest the DNA, and will destroy the organism. Note this gives raw DNA, and does not preserve any genes or alleles present.


The Isolator acts in a similar way to the Genepool, but does not completely destroy genes. It instead allows the isolation of a single gene from an organism, without destroying it. The exact gene is random, and is written into an Blank Sequence. Until the sequence is analysed in an Analyser, it will be unknown what the gene is. It doesn't however need to be analysed before being sequenced.


After obtaining a DNA Sequence with the gene that you wish to sequencer, it must be placed in the Sequencer. This uses Fluorescent Dye to determine the correct sequence, and when completed logs the discovery. The important thing here is that the discovery goes to the person who placed the machine.

Genes are sequenced faster is the sequence has been placed in a Polymeriser first to increase the strength.

Gene Database

Discovered genes are logged into the Gene Database. This handheld device lists all genes by the type of organism they apply to. To add a gene to an Empty Serum Vial to allow inoculation, the desired gene can be clicked on while holding the vial. An Empty Serum Array can be used to hold more than one gene at once.


Serums and sequences can be placed in a Polymeriser to increase their strength and amount of DNA held within. Serums need to be polymerised at least once before being used in the inoculator. To polymerise, both Raw DNA and Polymerising Bacteria are required. Raw DNA is obtained from the Genepool, and Polymerising Bacteria is made from incubating bacteria with bonemeal. Gold nuggets can be used as a catalyst to speed up the process.


The final step is inoculation. Currently the only machine capable of inserting genes is the Inoculator. This uses Bacteria Vector, created by incubating Bacteria and Blaze Powder, to transfer the gene into organisms.

Only the young stage of organisms can be injected, which are larvae (bees), pollen (trees and flowers) and caterpillars (butterflies). Bee larvae can be converted into drones by incubating with Liquid Growth Medium.

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