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Weeds are plant blocks which spawn naturally on soil. They have no drops, but prevent flowers from being placed on that block. This means that any patch of soil, loam or flowerbed needs to be maintained to ensure that weeds do not grow. All Gardens automatically remove all weeds from their land. There are 5 types of weeds:

  • Grid Weeds.png Weeds, which spawn randomly on empty Soil, soil, loam and flowerbeds. They slowly drain nutrients from the soil
  • Grid Long Weeds.png Long Weeds, which grow from weeds when left untended
  • Grid Very Long Weeds.png Very Long Weeds, which grow from long weeds
  • Grid Dead Flower.png A Dead Flower can spawn when a Flower dies
  • Grid Decaying Flower.png A Decaying Flower is the next stage of a dead flower, and can release nutrients into the soil

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