Flowers are the main block in Botany, and are flowers which will grow and pollinate each other to give new species and colors. When vanilla flowers are placed on Soil or in a Garden, they become breedable. Whilst on soil, flowers will grow, pollinate neighbours and eventually die. When placed on grass or dirt, the flower are purely decorative.

The Pollen of a flower can be obtained using a sieve in an apiary or alveary using bees. This can be used to pollinate a flower manually by right clicking.

A list of flower species can be found here



When a germling, a flower will not interact with anything around it. Germling's will randomly check if the conditions are favourable. If they are, it will grow into an unflowered plant. If the flower cannot tolerate the conditions, the germling will wilt.


The first stage of the flower after growing from a germling is one where the petals have not yet opened and hence the flower cannot breed. It will randomly flower on the next random tick if it can tolerate its conditions, else it will wilt.


Wilting flowers can be identified by their brown stalks and discoloured petals. If a wilting flower is not fixed before it's next tick, the flower will die and be replaced with a Dead Flower.



Flowers can be cut using Shears. This will drop a germling which is a clone of the flower. This process can only be done on grown flowered and non wilting flowers, and will increase their age, killing them without a chance to respawn if their age increases beyond their lifespan.


Bonemeal can be used on flowers to make them age up. This will also cause germlings to grow into unflowered plants, or cause an unflowered plant to flower.


Pollination is the method by which flowers mate. In pollination pollen from one

Cross Pollination

This pollination occurs randomly between adjacent plants. One flower passes its pollen to another, which is now mated. This mated flower now has the capability to spawn a germling in an adjacent free space on soil. This germling will have a mixture of the genes from both parents. If a flower dies whilst mated, it will spawn a new flower in the space where it just died.

Self Pollination

There is a chance that a flower can pollinate itself. This acts in exactly the same way as if it was pollinated by another flower.

Inter-species Pollination

Pollination between different flower species has a much lower chance than pollination between the same species, which is always successful. This means that traits are more easily transferred between the same species, so a red tulip will more readily pollinate a white tulip to give pink tulips than a red poppy would.

Pollen Transfer

Pollen can also be transferred by bees and butterflies, in a similar way to tree breeding.

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